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Wallacespace in Covent Garden, St Pancras and Clerkenwell Green provides well thought-​out, creative, flexible spaces for meetings, training, workshops, research and events.

Flooded with natural daylight and with all the little touches that make for a great day (from super-​fast free wifi to delicious home-​cooked lunches and all-​you-​can-​eat wagon wheels), our buildings are designed to help facilitate creative thinking and minimise distractions, while our people provide super service, aiming to think of absolutely everything with a refreshing, ‘can-​do, will-​do’ attitude to ensure you can focus on delivering success.


Established in 2002.

Wallacespace began when Renata Wallace, frustrated by a lack of decent meeting spaces (i.e. not in some dingy hotel basement), set up her own space in Covent Garden. Since then the business has grown, adding a converted toffee factory in St Pancras and a fabulous glass-​fronted building right on Clerkenwell Green.

As we see it, it’s our job to make your time at wallacespace work hardest for you. It’s not just what you learn but where you learn that’s important — the environment in which your important meeting takes place can add to, or detract from, its outcome. Our job at wallacespace is to ADD to — and every single thing here is designed with that in mind.

That’s it in a nutshell. If you fancy a look around, do join us for lunch one day soon. We’re told that our food is great so please get in touch to arrange to try it out.