Reebok CrossFit Thames

London, United Kingdom


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CrossFit is a world class fitness programme that can be adapted to people of all ages and abilities. We combine the best of gymnastics, kettlebell training, olympic weightlifting, metabolic conditioning (cardio training), and powerlifting to provide a world class conditioning programme. Our athletes range from bankers to housewives, rugby and football players, marathon runners, and everything in between. Our athletes’ goals range from preparing for their next race/​match/​fight to losing weight and staying fit, all the way into just maintaining mobility and activity into old age.

Our programme consists of a different workout every day taught in a group setting 6 days per week. The workouts will range from weightlifting, metabolic conditioning (cardio), gymnastics, kettlebell training, or a combination of all of them. We keep the programme constantly varied so your body is forced to adapt to a wide variety of stimuli. Each day is different, and it will never be boring.


Established in 2009.

Reebok CrossFit Thames is the premier strength and conditioning facility in London. We started back in 2009 and focus on providing results for our athletes with constantly varied, functional fitness performed at high intensity.