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London, United Kingdom


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Our program of weekly classes is designed to strengthen your range of acting techniques and, in the process of liberating your imagination, develop your confidence — both as performer, and as a person.

At Melbourne Acting Studio — London, we’re developing more exciting (and employable) actors and actresses. Training encompasses a wide variety of exercises and techniques designed to equip you for the most original and interesting performances possible.

All training is carried out in an environment that holds the ‘joy of exploration’ over and above the need to ‘get things right’.

From established actors to novices, we invite you to take some time and see just what it is that makes MAS-​London different, as you embark or continue on one of the great adventures in life.

* Daytime and evening classes available

* Maximum of eight students per class

* No set start dates, if there is a space in the class you can start when you are ready

* All acting for TV & Film classes filmed


Established in 1990.

In 2013 Melbourne Acting Studio established its London premises, after 20 increasingly successful years working with students and actors from all over the world, including Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, USA, Canada, Japan, Argentina, India, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and of course, Australia.

MAS has worked with many actors as they break into the challenging but lucrative Hollywood system, and Bruce’s greatest passion is to nurture those acting students who are in the formative stages of their acting careers.

Meet the Business Owner

Bruce A.

Business Owner

Bruce Alexander trained in London and studied in the USA before returning to Australia to embark on an international career in theatre, film, and television.

As a teacher and mentor to both young and experienced actors, Bruce has earned an outstanding reputation as an insightful and original teacher. He believes that with the right encouragement, there are very few people who would be unable to develop their abilities to their maximum potential.

For more than two decades, Bruce’s study of human behaviour has granted a deep insight into why we behave the way we do, and how we allow — or thwart — our own creativity to work either for us, or against us. He is celebrated for training students to learn how their brains work artistically, how to overcome any fear and doubts, and how to find and develop their own unique abilities that will give them the very best opportunities to showcase their talents in auditions and performances.