Il Guscio Restaurant Pizzeria

London, United Kingdom


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This colourful, authentic Italian restaurant specialising in the food and wine of Sardinia, and has a dedicated clientele who, frankly, would rather keep it to themselves.

Not surprising, really, because this place near Hackney Central and is a true gem. As a general rule, drink Sicilian and eat Sardinian. Excellent pasta dishes and oven baked bread. The atmosphere at this stylish place is serene, the service charming.

Il Guscio Pizzeria devotes equal attention to the grape as to the food, which means that each dish, be it a delicious seafood risotto or one of the freshly baked pizzas, comes recommended with a particular glass of house wine (or you can pick from the enormous wine list if you have ideas of your own).

Great place to go for a nice meal with friends or partner!


Established in 2012.

A homely atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine have made Il Guscio a favourite in Clapton since this bijou restaurant was launched just over a year ago.

Its previous incarnation was Parioli E5, an Italian deli, the closure of which was followed by a refurbishment of the premises by Italian couple Salvatore and Martina.

The restaurant is now run by Sardinia-​born Franco Conteddu.

«The couple that gave this place to us chose us to run it because they knew me from where I used to work and they trusted us,» says Franco, whose wife also works at Il Guscio.

Specialities include Malloreddos, a sausage and tomato sauce dish.

The restaurant also sells products including speciality pastas, and the business has been such a success Franco now hopes to open a similar eatery in Islington.

Meet the Manager

Franco C.


My name is Franco Conteddu, i am the restaurant manager of Il Guscio Restaurant. Born in Sardinia and moved to London about five years ago, last year my friends approached me to run a traditional Italian pizzeria in London and I became part of Il Guscio Restaurant. Our aim is to bring the Sardinian Italian taste to the UK.