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New books, interesting books, good books, all categories.

We order books for the NEXT DAY.

We source rare, out of print & U.S. titles.

We give good recommendations.

We have events with local authors.

The shop is small; small but potent.

Come along and find something to entertain, inform and/​or edify.


Established in 2009.

Herne Hill Books is the (little) sister shop of Clapham Books. We opened up here in 2009 to a very welcoming area, and we are happy to have become a piece of Herne Hill’s furniture.

Both shops are completely independent, and we work closely with the local community to try and help our own and other independent shops to thrive.

Meet the Manager

Oli D.


Oli is the manager at Herne Hill Books. He lives 42 steps from the shop’s front door. Yes, he counted them. He got the job here shortly after completing a creative writing degree. He likes books. A lot.

He is writing this bio in the third person. And he doesn’t know how he feels about that.

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Oli D. says,

«Our sister shop, it has existed for a few years before us. It’s well known for it’s events & for being one of the best book shops in South London.»