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London, United Kingdom


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Employee screening & Background Investigations

3rd Part Risk Management

Investigative Due Diligence

Business Intelligence

Forensic Accounting

Fraud Risk Investigations

Financial Investigations

Anti-​Corruption & Regulatory Investigations


Established in 1990.

For the past 25 years, Corporate Research and Investigations Private Limited «CRI Group» has been safeguarding clients and major source of due diligence and additional business investigations with positions and professional resources located in key regional marketplaces across the Asia Pacific, South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa by establishing the legal compliance, financial viability and integrity levels of outside partners, suppliers, customers and other sources seeking potential business affiliations. Today’s business climate and economic crises dictates an increasing demand for proactive measures designed to reduce the exposure of international business organizations to economic crime and civil wrongs, particularly in the financial, government and multinational business sectors, «CRI Group’s worldwide networks of multi-​disciplined investigators help organizations prevent and deter business crimes, employee malfeasance, threats and accounting fraud.