Apolaki Krav Maga & Dirty Boxing Academy

London, United Kingdom


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Apolaki Krav Maga & Dirty Boxing Academy is the first and only full time Krav Maga school in London. Day time, evening and weekend classes, one to one self defence personal training, intensive martial arts courses and Krav Maga instructor courses.


Established in 2012.

Apolaki Krav Maga & Dirty Boxing is an explosive and dynamic street defence system. We are dedicated to teaching practical personal safety and effective tools against real-​life situations.

The foundation of our system is traditional Krav Maga, but through cross-​training in other systems such as Kapap, Boxing, Filipino martial arts, Muay Thai, Pencak Silat, Jeet Kune Do and No-​Gi submission wrestling, Kelina has created something very special that she wants to share with you. With our own syllabus and grading system, the Apolaki Krav Maga & Dirty Boxing® system is constantly evolving and improving, as any street survival system should be!

Meet the Business Owner

Kelina C.

Business Owner

The leading female Krav Maga Instructor London. Founder of both Apolaki Krav Maga, Apolaki Dirty Boxing and Co-​Founder of Apolaki SPD: Self Protection for Dwarfs.

Daughter of a 29 British Army Commando, CQC and Firearms Instructor, Kelina Cowell grew up on a military base in Dortmund, Germany.

Inspired by training with her father from an early age, she continued her combative journey into Muay Thai. After sustaining injuries she then moved onto Krav Maga (Gaining her Black Belt in 2011), Submission Wrestling, Filipino Martial Arts, Boxing and Malaysian Silat.

She searches for the truth in personal protection, simply keeping what can really work on the streets and discarding what doesn’t.